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Mansfield’s Toy Store

Sockmonkey Junction

Quality Toys that Inspire Imagination

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107 North Main Street
Mansfield, TX

Tue – Fri 12 – 8
Saturday 11 – 8
Sunday 1 – 6

Better Toys for Better Play


The best toys involved the child, it doesn’t just entertain them. Children play longer with toys where they need to do something to keep play going.


Toys that don’t have a ‘set’ way to play allow your growing child to play with them as their play style changes.


Great toys engage a child’s imagination and require them to create some aspect of play. They require children to think and dream.


Toys that are played with again and again must be made from quality materials so they can stand the test of time.

True Cost of a Toy

We often think only in terms of cost – but we know that value is more important. What use is something that costs very little if you have to replace it again and again?

When it comes to our children’s play, the longer they play with a particular toy the better our investment becomes. That’s why we want to help you find toys that your children will play with again and again.

My Toy Store

Sockmonkey Junction is everything I ever wanted as a kid when I walked into a toy store. I am not exaggerating when I say my little family has spent hours there enjoying all the quality toys and conversation that the owners Jesse, Teri, and Carin have to offer.


“This store is awesome!”
– Teen while shopping
“There’s a lot of cool stuff here.”
– Father shopping with his son
“This place is awesome. I’m definitely coming back.”      – 7yo boy

Helping Families Through Play

Play Experts

It might be a birthday or Christmas gift, a special reward, or just an impulse purchase – the reason doesn’t matter, we want to help you find the right toy or game. We believe that play is an important part of life and want to make sure that whatever you decide to take home will be something that will be played with again and again.
With just a few simple questions about your observations we can find a good fit.

Gift Wrapping

If you’re running late or simply don’t like to wrap, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be happy to wrap your purchase. If you won’t be able to wait for wrapping, feel free to call ahead or let us know that you’ll come back for the gift.

School's Out?

If there’s a break in school, we know you might need a break too. Check our calendar and you’ll find a fun activity for your children (and maybe you!) anytime Mansfield ISD has a break. And if you find yourself need a break when nothing is planned, bring them in to play and enjoy the comfort of one of our couches.

Play Time

We have many of our toys available for play. We believe you should have a chance to find out which toys your children enjoy so you can be sure that your making the best selection.